Enterprise service for home users.

A Poole based company, supporting all home IT needs.

A little about the owner

I am a Microsoft certified technician with 10 years experience working on IT helpdesks at managed services providers, supporting various sized businesses in the south of the UK. I have gained a vast wealth of knowledge about all aspects of IT and business thanks to the opportunities I have been previously given. I notice that there is a real need for qualified, experienced and trustworthy technicians for home IT users and so decided to provide my services to everyone.



Operating System troubleshooting - I have tools to help if Windows/iOS isn't starting or your system is crashing


Hard disk upgrades - Increase your storage with a new high capacity disk


RAM upgrades - Unleash more performance and running capacity


Graphics card upgrades - Play the latest games or create something vivid of your own


Slow performance troubleshooting - Make some tweaks and modifications under the hood


Printer problems - Ensure your photos and documents are always of the highest quality


Virus and malware removal - Get rid of any unwanted infestations and protect against attack


General Information, recommendations and advice on technology - If you want to better understand your technology and get the most out of it


Website design, development and hosting - I cater for individuals looking to promote their projects.


I aim to fix all issues within one hour.

30 minutes


Remote only

One hour


On site and remote


One phone number: 01202 985 358

One email address: hello@oscarshomeit.co.uk

One level of service: Excellent

Get in touch directly via the form below.

Calls are recorded for business continuity purposes and nothing more.